Engagement Ring Settings

Some of the different types of engagement ring settings you can choose for your fiancé/fiancée or yourself (that is, if you are choosing your own ring) are prong, pave, channel, invisible, bezel, tension and custom setting.

A prong setting holds the gemstone in place on the ring with some basket-like prongs. With pave settings, gemstones are held together by small metallic beads and with a channel setting the gemstones appear in a row-like channel. With invisible settings, the ring’s gemstones are held underneath with some metals that appear to be invisible from the surface. A bezel setting encloses the gemstone with a metallic rim. A tension setting will hold the gemstone as if it is floating.

Some engagement rings with some of these settings are

A Pave Set Engagement Ring

A Bezel Set Engagement Ring

A Tension Set Engagement Ring

While a lot of engagement ring styles and designs can use any one of these settings, some rings’ designs and/or styles may however need or require a custom setting. Jewelers can usually design or create any type of settings that may be required with the design or style of an engagement ring.

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