Engagement Ring Designs

Some of the engagement ring designs you can get include modern/contemporary, celtic, filigree, figural, vintage, antique, vintage-style, antique-style, inlays designs and custom designs.

Modern/contemporary designs are present-day designs, some of these may however be a modified form of some traditional engagement ring design. Celtic designs consist of knots, filigree designs are lace-like designs, while figural designs are object-inspired designs.

Vintage and antique designs are from some past era or period, while vintage-style and antique-style designs are a replication of some vintage and antique designs respectively. Inlays designs are metal, metal oxide and carbon fiber inlays on engagement rings.

Some engagement rings with some of these designs are as follows

A Modern Engagement Ring Design

A Celtic Engagement Ring Design

A Vintage-Style Engagement Ring Design

You may choose to use a custom design with your fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e’s or your own engagement ring too.

You can search for more engagement ring designs at the following stores too:

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