Engagement Rings Gemstone Color Grades - Product Reviews (USA)

Gemstone Color Grades

You can learn more about gemstone color grades at Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring. The following are a list of reviewed engagement rings with different gemstone color grades (using GIA grading system):

1.  Colorless Diamonds

D (Colorless)

E (Colorless)
14K White Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

F (Colorless)

G (Near Colorless)

H (Near Colorless)

I (Near Colorless)

J (Near Colorless)

K (Faint Yellow)

L (Faint Yellow)

M (Faint Yellow)   

N (Very Light Yellow)

O (Very Light Yellow)

P (Very Light Yellow)

Q (Very Light Yellow)

R (Very Light Yellow)

S-Z (Light Yellow)

2.  Colored Diamonds

Fancy Vivid
Fancy Deep
Fancy Intense
Fancy Dark
Fancy Light
Very Light

3.  Other Gemstones (Non-Diamond Gemstones)

Greenish Yellow
Violetish Purple

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