Affordable And Cheap Engagement Rings And Your Options

You can actually get some affordable and cheap engagement rings at any price you can afford. If you want a ring with some quality and value for your fiancé/fiancée however (even if you are buying the ring cheap or at an affordable price), you will need to know how to get the best value and quality with it.

Engagement rings can be created or made with some gemstones, metals and other types of jewelry materials, you can therefore mix and combine each of these jewelry components together to get or create an engagement ring you can afford. Engagement rings may be preset (ready-made) or custom made for you.

A Low Cost Engagement Ring With A Precious Metal And Valuable Gemstone
Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

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Getting Affordable And Valuable Engagement Rings

The topmost quality and the best type of engagement ring you can get for your fiancé/fiancée is a valuable engagement ring.

A valuable engagement ring is a ring with some real worth/value, which means the ring will have or contain a precious metal (like gold, silver etc) or a valuable natural gemstone (like diamond, sapphire etc) or both. An engagement ring may also contain more than one type of precious metals and/or valuable natural gemstones. You can learn more about engagement rings and their worth at Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring.

The non-precious metals that are used with engagement rings are called base metals, these include stainless steel, titanium and tungsten. Other gemstones apart from the natural (made by nature) gemstones are synthetic (lab made), imitation (look-alikes) and composite (a fused/bonded mix) gemstones.

To get an affordable and valuable engagement ring with some quality and value, you will need a ring that will contain a precious metal or a valuable natural gemstone or both of these. Hence your options will be to get a ring with

  ●  A precious metal and valuable gemstone or
  ●  A valuable natural gemstone only or
  ●  A precious metal only

You can use a valuable natural gemstone alone with some base metals and/or other types of jewelry materials. Or you may use a precious metal alone with other types of gemstones (that is, the cheaper natural gemstones, some synthetic gemstones etc) and jewelry materials. You may do this in order to get some valuable engagement rings that you can afford.

A Low Cost Engagement Ring With Valuable Precious Metal Only

Solitaire Engagement Ring With White Topaz
Solitaire Engagement Ring With White Topaz

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1).  Get A Gemstone With Lower Cut, Color, Clarity Or Carat

In addition to this, you can also get an affordable engagement ring too by choosing or selecting a ring that uses a valuable natural gemstone with lower cut, color, clarity and carat grades/values.

Natural gemstones are graded using their cut, clarity, color and carat grades/values. Pearl as a gemstone is however graded with the following grades - luster, shape, nacre thickness,
bodycolor, overtone, surface, matching, size and weight. You can get more information on the cut, carat, color, clarity grades etc of gemstones at Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring, you will actually need to understand what these are exactly in order to choose an engagement ring.

The quality of a natural gemstone is determined by its cut, color and clarity grades, while its value is determined by the three grades together and the gemstone’s carat weight. The quality and value of a pearl gemstone is determined by its own grades too.

If you therefore opted to choose a gemstone with some lower grades/values, a step or two down from some topmost grades/values, you should generally be able to get an engagement ring at a lower cost.

For instance, instead of going for a gemstone with a 2.00 carat (ct) weight, you may go for a 1.90 ct weight to lower the cost of your ring.

Using the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grading system, the clarity grade of natural gemstones also goes from F (flawless) to I (inclusions – most flawed), that is

   ●  F, IF, VVS (VVS1 and VVS2), VS (VS1 and VS2), SI (SI1 and SI2) to I (I1, I2, I3).

From F to SI, the flaws (inclusions) in a gemstone will not be visible to the unaided eye without a microscope, that is, the gemstone will be eye clean. You can therefore choose a gemstone within that clarity range to get your ring at a lower cost too.

You may also do this too with the other gemstone grades to get a ring that is a lot more affordable for you.

2).  Treated Valuable Natural Gemstone

Natural gemstones may be treated or enhanced to remove their flaws, a treated gemstone will usually cost less than an untreated gemstone, hence you may get an engagement ring with a treated valuable natural gemstone for your fiancé/fiancée, or you may use the treated gemstone in a custom engagement ring in order to lower the cost of your ring too. 

You will however need to know the type of treatment that may have been applied on the gemstone and how to take some adequate care of it with your ring.

3).  Choose Some Lower Cost Precious Metal

Palladium and silver are precious metals and are generally less costly than gold and platinum, you may therefore want to use them for your ring too in order to make the ring more affordable.

You should however note that silver will tarnish and may need some regular polishing for it to maintain its luster.

4).  Get A Ring With A Lower Precious Metal Content

You may also choose or select a ring with a lower precious metal content too, to lower the cost of your ring too. Jewelry metals are generally mixed with other metal alloys to make them more durable and strong.

Gold for instance is measured in karats, 24K (karats) is pure gold. You can get a gold engagement ring in 10K, 14K, 16K, 18K etc with 10, 14, 16, 18 parts in gold respectively and the other parts as metal alloy(s).

You can also get other precious metals like platinum, silver etc in different percentage ranges in engagement rings too. There should generally be a mark or stamp on a ring to show how much of each type of precious metal content it contains.

Different countries may define some minimum amount of precious metals that should be in jewelry pieces (including rings) for them to be called gold, silver, platinum or palladium jewelries (or rings).

You will need to ensure that only hypoallergenic metal alloys are used with your selected engagement ring, especially if you don’t know if your fiancé/fiancée is allergic to some jewelry metals or not. A list of hypoallergenic metals is available at Hypoallergenic Metals. You can also learn more about hypoallergenic jewelries at Hypoallergenic Jewelries And Allergies.

An Engagement Ring With A Low Precious Metal Content

10K White Gold Tanzanite Engagement Ring
10K White Gold Tanzanite Engagement Ring

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5).  Ready-Made And Custom Engagement Rings

Selecting a preset/ready-made engagement ring that is made with either a precious metal or a valuable natural gemstone or both, may also be cheaper for you too than a custom engagement ring.

Other Gemstones And Metals Options

If any of the foregoing will not give or provide you with what you want, or you would like to know more about some of the other options that can also provide you with some cheap and affordable engagement rings, the following alternatives may also work for you too.

You can use some low cost natural gemstones, some synthetic and imitation gemstones, the base metals and other types of jewelry materials together to get or create an engagement ring in a price range you can afford too.

Some low cost natural gemstones that can be used with engagement rings include topaz, quartz, aquamarine, citrine etc. A common synthetic gemstone is moissanite, you can get the synthetic versions of diamond, ruby, emerald etc for use with your ring too. A popular imitation gemstone that may also be used with engagement rings is cubic zirconia, you may however have to replace the cubic zirconia gemstone a lot more earlier than a natural or synthetic gemstone, since it may become dull and porous over time.

You can get some of these alternative gemstones as colorless (diamond alternatives or look-alikes) gemstones for or with your engagement ring. You can also get them as colored gemstones in the colors that you or your fiancé/fiancée may prefer with your ring(s) too. A list of some gemstones and their colors are available at Gemstone Colors.

Most people may use engagement rings made solely with these types of components (that is without any precious metal or valuable natural gemstone) for a while, and then replace them later on when they can afford to get a valuable engagement ring (that is a ring with a precious metal or a valuable natural gemstone or both).

A Very Low Cost Engagement Ring
Stainless Steel CZ Engagement Ring

Stainless Steel CZ Engagement Ring

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A list of some gemstones and metals that you can get or use with your engagement ring are available at the following links

●  Valuable Gemstones
●  Precious Metals
●  Metals
●  Natural Gemstones
●  Synthetic Gemstones
●  Imitation Gemstones
●  Other Types Of Jewelry Materials

Check The Other Ring Sections In The Stores

You should generally look for other rings that can also serve as engagement rings too under the ring sections in the stores, and not just the engagement section only, this will provide you with more options. You can get some common engagement ring styles and designs this way, you will also get some other types of styles too.

Hence here are some links for some engagement rings under

●   Under $100
●   Under $200
●   Under $300
●   Under $500
●   Under $1000
●   Under $2000
●   From $2000 And Above

You can check for specific range of engagement ring prices through each of the following stores in your country, you can also buy through them internationally too.

Amazon Stores

Deals And Discounts

You may get some deals and discounts on engagement rings and other types of rings that you can also use as engagement rings in the stores too. The following are the deals and discount sections in some Amazon stores for you to do this.

Amazon Stores Deals:
USA UKCanadaFranceGermanyItalySpain

You can also compare engagement rings with the same specifications in different stores, to get some affordable rings too.

You can get any one of the options discussed and/or mentioned here as preset (ready-made), custom and/or designer engagement rings.

You should generally use whatever works for you, you may use several options together to get what you want and can afford. If you can only afford some very cheap engagement rings now, you can also change the ring or some part of it later on, when you can afford to spend more on a ring. 

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