Ring Jewelries

2.30 Carat Sterling Silver Round Diamond Oval Purple Amethyst Ladies Engagement Ring
A ring can be made with or without a gemstone, it could also be as simple as a plain band or could be made with some more intricate or complex design too.

You can get your rings as a new, custom and/or pre-owned (estate) jewelry piece, pre-owned jewelries include contemporary/modern previously owned jewelries, vintage and antique jewelries.

Different types of metals, gemstones and/or other type of jewelry materials can be used together to create a ring.

Ring metals may include some precious metals like gold or silver and base metals like titanium copper etc. The gemstones that may be used with a ring will include some natural, synthetic, composite or imitation gemstones like pearl, diamond, tanzanite, ruby, swarovski crystal, moissanite, cubic zirconia etc.

Rings can be made with one or more gemstones, a center stone, some accent stones and multiple gemstones. The gemstones may have different types of shapes including round, marquise, pear, emerald etc.

Other types of materials that may be used with a ring include ceramic, carbon fiber etc. You can learn more about the materials that can be used with jewelry pieces like rings at the following links

  ●  How To Choose The Right Type Of Jewelries For Yourself
  ●  Types Of Gemstones
  ●  Types Of Jewelry Metals
  ●  Other Types Of Jewelry Materials

Ring Designs

Ring designs and/or styles can be simple, moderate or elaborate and may include

  ●  Contemporary Designs
  ●  Vintage Designs
  ●  Antique Designs
  ●  Vintage Style Designs
  ●  Antique Style Designs
  ●  Filigree Designs
  ●  Figural Designs
  ●  Celtic Designs
  ●  Metal Inlay Designs
  ●  Carbon Fiber Inlay Designs
  ●  Anodized Inlay Designs
  ●  Custom Designs

Contemporary designs are modern ring designs while vintage and antique designs are designs that were available during some vintage and antique eras or periods. Some contemporary rings may also adopt or use some vintage and antique style designs too.

Filigree designs are ornamental designs, figural designs are object or form designs that look like flowers, crosses, letters, animals or some other type of object. Celtic designs may consist of some metal knots, engraved, etched and intertwining design patterns.

Metal inlay designs make use of bands of metals on other metals as inlays, carbon fiber inlay designs use carbon fiber bands instead of metals for their designs. Anodized inlay designs make use of bands of oxide layers on the surface of a metal like titanium as inlays.

Ring Settings

Some of the most common type of ring settings are prong, channel, bezel, pave and invisible settings. A setting is used to hold the gemstones that may be used with a ring in place.

Prong settings hold gemstones on rings with some metal prongs that look like a basket while channel settings hold their gemstones in channel-like rows. With bezel settings, a gemstone is held in place with a rim of metal around it.

Pave settings use small metal beads to hold several small gemstones on a ring. Invisible settings make use of metals below each gemstone to hold them in place without being visible on the surface of the ring.

Surface Finishes And Textures

Some of the finishes and textures that a ring may have include

●  Hammered
Dented textures created with a hammer

●  Matte
Semi-reflective look or appearance

●  Polish
A glossy finish

Different Types Of Rings

Some of the different types of rings you can get include

  ●  Wedding Rings
  ●  Engagement Rings
  ●  Birthstone Rings
  ●  Fashion Rings
  ●  Cocktail Rings
  ●  Class Rings
  ●  Corporate Rings

Wedding and engagements rings are used by couples, birthstone rings are made with gemstones that represent a particular birthday month for individuals. Fashion rings may be worn by anyone for fashion or just to wear. Cocktail rings are oversize or large size rings. Class rings are worn by alumni or students to commemorate their graduation. Corporate rings can be used as corporate jewelry gifts for recognition and awards.

Common Gemstone Ring Styles

Some common gemstone ring styles include

●  Solitaire Rings
They are usually made with one gemstone in a prong setting

●  Eternity Rings
An eternity ring is a ring with a full or semi-circle row of gemstones

●  Three Stones Rings
A three stone ring is made with three gemstones

Ring Sizing

You can use a sizing guide or chart to determine your ring finger size. A lot of jewelry stores will usually have some guide on how to get the right size of ring for yourself, as a gift, as an heirloom or for your jewelry collection.

Some stores may provide you with the inside diameter of the rings you may want to buy too in inches or you can simply ask for this in order to get a ring that fits better. 

Engraving & Personalization

You can personalized your ring by engraving it, a ring may be engraved with one or more words, symbols, numbers etc, it can also be engraved in another language.  .

Choosing A Ring To Wear

You may buy a ring for yourself to wear, to use on its own or to match an existing jewelry piece or set, or to match your outfits and some occasions, environment/settings, your personal style or for everyday use etc.

Some examples of rings you can use in this way include fashion rings, cocktail rings, birthstone rings etc. You may also buy a ring to wear too, to commemorate an occasion in your life like a class ring for your graduation or for some other occasion.

Using A Ring As A Gift

You may use a ring as a personal or corporate gift. As a personal gift, rings can be used as wedding and engagement gifts between couples.

Engaged couples and brides and bridegrooms will either give a ring to their female partners or both the man and woman may choose to exchange some rings. Such rings may be bought separately or they could be part of a bridal set

Rings can be given too as personal gifts for some other occasions like birthdays, graduations and so on between friends, families etc.

You can use a corporate ring as a gift for some staff recognition and for awards, you can also give them as a thank you gift to your clients, and may use them for your business promotions etc too.

To learn more about choosing jewelries including rings as personal or corporate gifts you may go to the following links

  ●  Gifts
  ●  Personal And Individual Jewelry Gifts
  ●  Corporate Jewelry Gifts

Rings As Heirlooms

You may also choose to get one or more rings that you can give to others as heirlooms too. You can give a ring as an heirloom to others for sentimental and/or monetary reasons. You can learn more about getting and creating your own heirloom jewelry pieces at Your Heirloom Jewelry & How To Start With It.

Collecting Rings

You may also want to collect some rings too, you can learn more about collecting jewelries (including rings) at Collecting Gemstones And Jewelries.

Getting Some Valuable Rings

The rings you buy will be valuable if they contain a precious metal(s) and/or some valuable natural gemstones, this is applicable to all types of jewelries including rings. The resale value of the valuable natural gemstone in a ring and its precious metal will generally determine the real worth or value of the ring.

You can know the real worth or value of a ring even before you buy, which means you can also buy your rings based on their real worth or values too and not just on their retail prices only. You can learn more about getting a valuable jewelry piece (including rings) for yourself at The Difference Between Valuable And Expensive Jewelries And Their Worth.

Getting Some Durable Rings

You can review some of what to look for in order to get a durable ring or jewelry piece at Buying Some Durable And Long Lasting Jewelry Pieces.

Selecting Hypoallergenic Rings

If you are allergic to some jewelry metals or you will like to get or buy a hypoallergenic ring (or jewelry) the information at Hypoallergenic Jewelries And Allergies will help you.

Getting Some Quality Rings

You can also get some quality rings too with some of the tips at Jewelry Quality – Choosing The Best Type Of Jewelries In Terms Of Quality.

To Get Some Bargain And Affordable Rings

To get a bargain when you are buying a ring, you will need to know what the ring contains, that is, the type of gemstones, metals and/or other types of jewelry materials it may contain, you will also need to compare the price of the ring with some other similar types of rings too. Without this you will not really know if you are actually getting a bargain or not.

You can know what to look for and compare when you are buying a ring (or a jewelry piece) with some of the tips at Buying Some Jewelries & Where To Buy. You can also get some affordable rings too by using some of the information and tips at Some Tips On Getting Affordable, Cheap, Bargain And Low Cost Jewelries too.

Choosing Some High-End And Luxurious Rings

You can also get some high-end and luxurious rings for yourself, as a gift, as an heirloom and for your collection too. Before you will be able to do this effectively however you will need to have some ideas about the following

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  ●  Jewelry As An Investment - Before You Buy That Valuable Jewelry Piece
  ●  High-End, Expensive And Luxurious Jewelries

Buying Your Ring Locally Or Internationally

You can buy your rings locally to provide yourself with some cost savings on shipping and delivery, you may be able to get your ring much more quickly too when you buy locally.

You can get some popular, new arrivals, best selling rings, deals, coupons, bargains and discounts, cheap and low cost rings, high-end and luxurious rings, new ring styles and rings in different price ranges from the following local stores. You can also buy your rings from each store internationally too from wherever you may be living or are located.

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