Buying Some Jewelries & Where To Buy

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You can buy your jewelry pieces from more than one source, you may choose to buy your jewelries as new ready-made (preset) pieces or you can create them as custom jewelries. You may also choose to buy some pre-owned (estate) jewelries for yourself too.

You can get some jewelries or gemstones (to create some custom jewelry) from or through the following:

  ●  Jewelry Stores (Online And Offline)
  ●  Pawn Shops
  ●  Second Hand Jewelry Dealers
  ●  Private Sales
  ●  Jewelry Brokers
  ●  Online Auctions Sites
  ●  Offline Auction Houses
  ●  Local Gemstone Mines
  ●  Other Sources

You should always buy your jewelries from reputable resellers, stores and/or other sources whether they are online, offline, local or international.

Buying From The Stores

You can easily choose or select a preset jewelry piece from a jewelry store, you may also buy some loose gemstonesfrom a store too to create some custom jewelries for yourself.

The cost of a custom jewelry piece may include the cost of the jewelry metal you will use, the cost of one or more gemstones and some other types of jewelry materials and the cost of designing the jewelry piece. Custom jewelries are generally more expensive than preset jewelry pieces for the same type of metal, gemstone and other types of materials in a piece.

Pre-Owned (Estate) Jewelries

Pre-owned jewelries are generally valued and sold based on the resale value of the valuable gemstones and/or precious metals they may contain. Pre-owned jewelries include the jewelries you already own, recently owned, recently bought, contemporary, vintage and antique jewelry pieces. Estate jewelry simply means pre-owned jewelry.

Some unique, in-demand jewelry style and branded pre-own jewelries or some vintage and antique jewelries may be worth more in value than the valuable gemstones or precious metals they may contain.

Comparing Jewelry Prices

To get the best price for a new preset (ready-made) or custom jewelry piece, you will need to compare its retail price with similar types of jewelries. No jewelry store (or any other business for that matter) will sell their jewelries, gemstones or products to you at the wholesale price they may have bought them, hence your new jewelry (or gemstone) will usually be a combination of the resale price (worth or value) of the piece plus the markup price/cost that a jeweler may have added to it.

You will need to compare the price of a pre-owned jewelry piece with some other pre-owned pieces too in order to get the best value or price for it too.

It is quite possible to get your jewelries or gemstones at wholesale prices or to get your gemstones at cheaper prices directly from a local source like a mine for example. However, most jewelry end-users (that is, consumers) may generally not have access to the wholesale market for jewelries and gemstones. Going directly to some local mine for some gemstones may also not be possible or feasible for most jewelry end-users too. However, anyone may still choose to use any of these sources if they think it would work for them.

You should ensure that you are actually comparing the right type of jewelries with each other. There are different types of jewelries, metals, gemstones, gemstone cut, carat, clarity, color grades and pearl quality (for pearl gemstones and jewelries). You will need to compare likes with likes in order to get the best value and price for the type of jewelry you may want to buy.

To Get A Bargain

To get a bargain on a jewelry piece, you will need to actually know what you are getting as jewelry and not just the price of the piece, in order for you to do an effective comparison with similar jewelry pieces, without this you will really not know whether you are actually getting a bargain or not.

If you are not provided with enough information on any jewelry piece you may want to buy, irrespective of the source, you will really not know what you are buying exactly and may end up paying more for the piece than it is worth. You may also need to do an appraisal for the jewelry piece in order to know exactly what it contains afterwards (that is, if you choose to buy it), since you were not provided with enough information originally.

If you intend to resell a jewelry piece you may want to buy now later on, you will need to know exactly what the piece contains or else you may not be able to get the best resale offers and value for it too when you want to resell it.

Some of the information you should get with any jewelry piece you may want to buy from a jewelry store or any other source may include

(1).  The Certificate (Or Grading Report) For The Natural Or
        Synthetic Gemstone(s) In The Jewelry Piece

This will include the pearl type and quality (that is, if the jewelry piece contain a pearl gem, you will need to know if the pearl gem is a natural, cultured or imitation pearl and its quality grades too), the gemstone(s) cut, carat, color, clarity grade and type in the jewelry piece.

(2).   Other Information About The Natural Or Synthetic
         Gemstone(s) In The Jewelry Piece

This will include some information/details on any treatment or enhancement that may have been applied on any of the gemstone(s) in the piece.

(3).  The Information Or Details On The Metals Of The Jewelry

This will include the percentage, weight and type of metals in the jewelry piece. You will also need to know the type of metal alloys that may be in the piece too, you need to determine this in order to know if the jewelry piece has any metal alloy you may be allergic to. 

(4).  The Information Or Details On Any Other Type Of Jewelry
        Material In The Jewelry Piece

You will need to know if the jewelry piece contains some other type of jewelry materials you may be allergic to too. 

(5).  The Information Or Details About The Jewelry Piece

This will include the length, width and height of your jewelry piece so you will know the actual size of the piece. Computer screen display sizes will vary for digital images hence the need for you to know the actual metrics for your jewelry piece.

You should also determine if the jewelry piece is plated or not, you will need to know what the base metal of the plating is, since the plating may wear off over time and if you are allergic to some jewelry metals you will want to avoid using a jewelry piece that may contain such metal(s).

Submitting Your Jewelry Piece To Institutes Like GIA

You can submit the jewelries you buy to gem institutes like GIA (Gemological Institute of America) for some gemstone analysis and grading. Doing this will let you know if the gemstone in your jewelry piece is exactly what the jewelry store or your source specified or stated that it was. GIA only grades gemstones however, to confirm the information or details on the type of metal(s) and other type of jewelry materials that may be in your jewelry piece you will need to do a jewelry appraisal.

Jewelry Appraisals

A jewelry appraisal is generally a paid service although if you intend to resell the jewelries you buy, you may get a free appraisal (offers to buy) from some jewelry stores that provide or do appraisals for free.

Using Jewelry Reviews Before You Buy

While some jewelry end-users (consumers) may provide a review on their experiences with a jewelry store/reseller, you may also need some expert review on jewelries as a product too, since most jewelry end-users (consumers) are generally not very exact in determining what they should actually look for before buying a jewelry piece.

The review of jewelry pieces as a product is entirely different from reviewing a jewelry store/reseller. You can use the review of a jewelry piece (that may be available in more than one store for example), to determine if the piece is what you may be looking for or if it is the right piece for you, hence if you have some issues with a particular store/reseller, you can simply buy the jewelry piece in some other store. Or you can get some similar pieces like it elsewhere, once you have some idea about what to look for with the help of the review.

Determine The Real Worth Or Value Of Your Jewelry Piece

The real worth of any jewelry piece you buy (whether it is a new ready-made or custom piece or a pre-owned jewelry piece) is the possible resale price/value you may get for it if you are to resell it. Hence you can choose and select your jewelry pieces based on their real worth/values too instead of just using their retail prices alone to select them even before you buy.

A jewelry piece’s real worth is generally determined by the valuable gemstones and/or precious metals it may contain whether the piece is new or pre-owned. So if your jewelry piece or any new piece you may be interested in contains any natural gemstone, you will need to first of all determine if the gemstone is a valuable gemstone or not.

If a jewelry piece contains a valuable gemstone(s) or precious metal(s) or both, you may want to know what the resale value (real worth) of the jewelry piece is. Your jewelry certificate (or grading report) or doing an appraisal should let you know the type of gemstones, metals and other types of materials that makes up your jewelry piece as noted earlier.

The closer the retail price of your jewelry piece is to its resale value (real worth), the more you are likely to get close to what you may have paid for it when you decide to resell it later on. That is, if the valuable gemstones and/or the precious metals in the piece retain their values or if either one of them appreciate in value over time.

This is one of the reasons why you should do some comparison on the price of the jewelry piece you may be interested in before you buy in order to get the best value/price for your purchase. .

You will need to do some research to know the real worth or possible resale value of any jewelry piece you may want to buy or that you already owned. Some information on jewelry pieces and their values are available at

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The resale price/value for your jewelry piece will be different from the retail price you will pay for the piece or the appraised (retail) value that a jewelry appraiser may assign to it. Retail jewelry prices are usually a combination of a jewelry piece resale value plus any markup that a jeweler or reseller may have added to it.

Jewelry As Wears, Gifts, Heirlooms And Collections

Most people would either wear the jewelries they buy or give them out as gifts, they may also buy them as heirlooms or for their collections too. To get some ideas on the best type of jewelries as gifts, heirlooms, for your collection or on what you can wear the following can be of some help

  ●  How To Choose The Right Type Of Jewelries For Yourself
  ●  Personal And Corporate Gifts
  ●  Your Heirloom Jewelry & How To Start With It
  ●  Collecting Gemstones And Jewelries

Getting Some Valuable, Quality, Durable, Affordable, Hypoallergenic And/Or High-End Jewelries

To know how to choose and select some valuable, quality, affordable, hypoallergenic, high-end and durable jewelries (that is durable jewelries that will last for a long time, that can be used everyday, occasionally or frequently etc) you will need these

  ●  The Difference Between Valuable And Expensive Jewelries And Their Worth
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  ●  Buying Some Durable And Long Lasting Jewelry Pieces
  ●  Hypoallergenic Jewelries And Allergies
  ●  Some Tips On Getting Affordable, Cheap, Bargain And Low Cost Jewelries
  ●  High-End, Expensive And Luxurious Jewelries

Selecting The Right Type Of Jewelries

You can get your jewelries as rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, chains, brooches, pendants, hair accessories and/or cufflinks. Each of these can be made with different types of colors, gemstones (pearls, diamonds, opals, cubic zirconia, swarovski etc), metals (gold, platinum, copper, silver etc) and other types of materials. You can get more information on these at

  ●  Types Of Jewelries
  ●  Types Of Gemstones
  ●  Types Of Jewelry Metals
  ●  Other Types Of Jewelry Materials
  ●  Gemstone Colors In Shades And Hues
  ●  Selecting Your Jewelry Metal Colors
  ●  Matching Your Jewelries With Your Outfits And The Color Wheel

Each type of jewelry can be used for occasions like weddings, engagements, black-tie, white-tie, Father’s day, Christmas, valentine, birthdays etc.

They can also be used as men jewelry, women jewelry, class rings, horse lover gifts, personal and corporate gifts. You may use them with some birthstones and may choose to match them with your personal jewelry style too.

Buying From A Local Store Or Internationally

You can buy your jewelries locally for faster delivery and some cost savings on shipping.

You can get some new arrivals, popular and best selling jewelry products, deals, bargains, coupons and discounts and jewelries in different price ranges from the following local stores. You may however buy your jewelries from each store internationally too from wherever you may be located.

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