Your Heirloom Jewelry & How To Start With It

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An heirloom is an item or object that may have been passed down from one generation to another or that is simply inherited from someone else.

Hence while an heirloom may be a vintage, antique or an expensive item or object, it does not necessarily have to be either one of these to serve or be used as an heirloom.

Heirlooms may have been inherited because of their sentimental value and/or monetary value.

Apart from the heirlooms you may inherit, you can also provide some heirlooms too as gifts to your family or to others.

Heirloom jewelries are pre-owned (estate) jewelries, that is, they are previously owned jewelries you may have inherited from someone or that you may have willed to others, or that other people will likely inherit through you. A pre-owned jewelry piece can be an antique, vintage or contemporary jewelry piece.

Antique jewelries are one hundred years old and above, vintage jewelries are about twenty years old or more, contemporary jewelries are modern or present day jewelry pieces.

You may have inherited one or more gemstonesas heirlooms too, you can also use a gemstone as a heirloom jewelry gift.

Heirloom Jewelries You May Already Have

Some heirloom jewelries you may already have may include

  ●  The Jewelry Pieces You May Be Using Right Now
  ●  Your Engagement RingAnd/Or Engagement Jewelries
  ●  Your Wedding RingAnd/Or Wedding Jewelries
  ●  The Jewelry Piece You Inherited From A Relation or Someone Else
  ●  The Jewelry Gifts You Received On Your Birthday
  ●  Birthstone JewelriesFor Your Kids When They Were Born
  ●  Your Class Ring

And a lot more that may have marked a milestone, an occasion or some event in your life.

Creating Your Own Heirloom Jewelry Collection

You can create an heirloom jewelry collection for your family, loved ones and others by purchasing some jewelriesand/or gemstonesfor use as heirlooms, even if you do not have any jewelry or your own heirloom jewelry collection yet.

You may buy some new jewelriesas preset or custom jewelriesfor your heirloom collection, you can also buy some vintage and antique jewelry pieces for your collection too. You may add some engravings to your jewelries like your family crest, family name etc if you want or they may not have such markings or designs.

You can buy an heirloom jewelry based on

  ●  Sentimental values only
  ●  Monetary values only
  ●  Sentimental and monetary values

An heirloom jewelry can be within any price range or value since it can also be given for some sentimental reasons too and not just because of its monetary value. You can therefore decide on what you want or what you would like to give as heirloom jewelry to your family or others, and what its price or value will be, and the reasons why you may want to provide or give it out.

Buying An Heirloom Jewelry Piece

To buy an heirloom jewelry piece you will need to

  ●  Define or decide on the reason why you may want to buy the piece, for example

    *  You may want to give your son something to remember you by
    *  You may want to provide your family or someone else with an heirloom jewelry that
    *  is worth some specific amount of money
    *  You may be choosing an engagement ring
    *  You may be buying a wedding ring
    *  You may want to replace your wedding ring with a high-end ring etc

  ●  Decide on how much you can afford to spend on the jewelry piece

  ●  Decide on if you will be buying a gemstone,preset or custom jewelry piece as
    your heirloom jewelry

  ●  Decide on if you will buy one or more item, a single piece, a jewelry set or multiple
    jewelry sets etc

  ●  Decide if your heirloom jewelry piece will be a vintage, antique or contemporary
    jewelry if it is not just a gemstone

  ●  Decide if you will buy your jewelry based on its retail price or its market value
    (that is, its current worth)

  ●  Decide on the type of jewelry, gemstone, gemstone colors, metal colors, sizes,
    number of gemstones etc that you will want to use with your heirloom jewelry piece

You may also base your heirloom jewelry collection on a theme, that is, your collection may consist of

  ●  BlueGemstone Jewelries Only
  ●  PlatinumJewelries Only
  ●  GoldJewelries Only
  ●  DiamondGemstone Jewelries Only
  ●  GarnetGemstones Only
  ●  PearlGemstones Only
  ●  TanzaniteGemstones Only etc

Your heirloom jewelry collection could actually be whatever you want it to be, you can mix and combine your heirloom jewelries in whatever way you want with different

  ●  Types Of Gemstones
  ●  Types Of Jewelry Metals
  ●  Valuable Jewelries - The Metals And Gemstones That Make Your Jewelry
  ●  Gemstone Colors
  ●  Jewelry Metal Colors

Valuable Heirloom Jewelries

A valuable heirloom jewelry is a jewelry piece that consist of some valuable gemstones and/or precious metals. A list of some valuable gemstones and metals are available at Valuable Jewelries - The Metals And Gemstones That Make Your Jewelry Valuable.

If you want to base your heirloom jewelries on their monetary values too and not just on sentiments only, you will need to choose or create jewelries that are made with one or more valuable gemstones or precious metals.

A jewelry piece will usually have a retail price, that is the price you will pay for it in a store and a resale price or the possible price you can get for the piece if you or anyone else would want to resell it. The possible current resale price (that is, the market value) of a jewelry piece is the value that is generally used to determine the worth of a jewelry piece at each point in time.

The retail price of a jewelry piece will have included each jeweler’s cost for running their businesses, while the resale price or market value for a jewelry piece is mainly determined by the value of its gemstones and precious metals, hence the two will most likely not be the same.

Jewelry pieces with more valuable gemstones in quantity and more precious metal content, and bigger gemstone sizes will usually provide you with more value as heirloom jewelries.

You can easily get the retail price for a jewelry piece from the price a jeweler or store may quote for it. To know the current resale price or market value for a jewelry piece however whether it is new or you already owned it, you will need to do some research on its possible resale price/value.

You can have some idea about the current resale or market value of a new jewelry piece even before you buy, which means you can buy some new heirloom jewelry pieces for your collection based on their real or market value and not just on the prices that may have been quoted for them in the stores.

You may start your resale price research by looking at the current market value of some gemstones and precious metals. You can know more about determining the value of a jewelry piece and why jewelries are generally more ideal as heirlooms, for wears, gifts etc than as an investment item for profit through each one of these informational articles:

  ●  Easily Determine If Your New Or Old Jewelry Piece Is Valuable Or Not
  ●  The Difference Between Valuable And Expensive Jewelries And Their Worth
  ●  Jewelry As An Investment - Before You Buy That Valuable Jewelry Piece

Selecting Durable and Long Lasting Jewelry Pieces

You can learn about how to select some durable jewelries for your heirloom jewelry collection at Buying Some Durable And Long Lasting Jewelry Pieces.

Starting Small

To start small with your heirloom jewelry collection, you can simply collate every jewelry piece you own now and/or start with one jewelry piece, and then build on that to increase your heirloom jewelry collection.

You can create a list of those you will like to give your heirloom jewelries to. You may then decide on the value or worth of jewelry you will like to give to each individual, a whole family or a group of people all together etc. For example you may designate $1,000 in value for some jewelries for your son, daughter or friend or a relative.

You can then determine the value of what you already owned and then determine how much jewelry value you may need to add to this over time, in order to make up for the total worth of  jewelry pieces you may want for your heirloom collection.

Know The Worth Of Your Heirloom Jewelry Collection As It Grows

With what you may already have and what you may also get along the way as a result of any life event or occasion that may provide you with more jewelries and the new jewelry piecesyou may buy for your collection, you can have some idea about how much your heirloom jewelry collection is worth at different points in time.

To do this, you should

  ●  Keep an updated list of all the jewelries you have, you can simply use an electronic
    spreadsheet for this

  ●  Research the resale or market values of your jewelries as noted earlier and add their
    values to your list. You will need to keep track of the values of your jewelries'
    gemstones and metals over time, some online websites may provide this
    information for free.

  ●  Regularly keep track of your heirloom jewelry collection and their resale values
    over time

With this you can know if you should add more valuable jewelries to make up to a certain amount in value for your collection or if you should resell some of your jewelry pieces to get a better piece etc.

You can add to your heirloom jewelry collection at any time, you should set up some alerts and notifications on your mobile phone, reminder software etc to know when you have reached your intended jewelry collection goal in quantity and value, when you are half way there or if you have not added any jewelry within the last X days, weeks or months etc.

If you are using some of the jewelries in your heirloom collection, you will need to take some adequate care of them in order for them to retain their quality and value over time too. You can learn more about caring for your jewelries at Jewelry Care – Taking Care Of Your Jewelry Piece.

You may keep your heirloom jewelries in a safe or you may need some additional security for them, you may also need some insurance coverage for your heirloom jewelries too.

You can start with a single jewelry piece for your heirloom collection right now by getting a new piece for yourself from any of these stores:

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