Corporate Jewelry Gifts

Stainless Steel Signet Style Ring with Black Carbon Fiber Inlay
You will generally need to know what your options are and what you can possibly afford too, before you can select or buy the right type of corporate jewelry gifts for your business.

Some of the reasons why you may want to give out some jewelry gifts may include the fact that they are durable and long lasting, and that they can be valuable and may represent some true value too. They may also be kept as keepsakes by others, they can be used, worn and may keep on reminding others about your business too.

Others will either use your corporate jewelry gifts as decorative items or objects that other people can see or preview, or they may use or wear them.

Choosing A Corporate Jewelry Piece Or Item

You may choose a preset or pre-designed jewelry piece/item and engrave it (with your business name, logo etc) as your jewelry gift, or you can create and design a custom jewelry piece/item with some engraving too.

Some ready-made or preset jewelry gifts for businesses include rings, neck chains, bracelets, pendants, brooches, lapel pins, watches, cufflinks, tie pins and hair clips, and some other type of corporate gift items that may have been made with some gemstones and/or jewelry metals. More items can be found at List Of Corporate Jewelry Gifts.

You can create and design a custom jewelry piece or item for your business if you want some custom design, color, gemstone shape, gemstone type, other materials, jewelry size, gemstone size, metal type etc.

To create a custom jewelry piece/item you may buy one or more loose gemstonesand then look for a custom jewelry designer, who can get the jewelry metal or any other material you may need to create your jewelry piece/item for you. Or you may ask a custom jewelry designer to get whatever you may need including the gemstone (if any) for your jewelry gift piece/item too.

You can choose some jewelry design styles, elements, shapes, colors etc that are meaningful to your business or company with a preset/ready-made or custom design jewelry piece or item.

Who To Give Or Create Some Corporate Jewelry Gifts For

You can create some corporate jewelry gifts for your clients, staff and your business (that is, the company itself).

(a).  Clients’ Gifts

You may give some jewelry gifts to your clients to show your appreciation and as a thank you, Christmas, end-of-the-year gift etc.

(b).  Corporate Jewelry Gifts For Your Business

You can get or create some jewelry gifts to commemorate some occasions like your company’s anniversary and/or for your business use as promotional items for product launches, advertising and marketing, seminars, workshops etc.

(c).  Staff Gifts

As a business, you can also provide your staff members with some recognition too with the use of some corporate jewelry gift items.

You may use a jewelry gift for service, sales or safety awards etc, that is, as a reward for retirements, long service, dedication, staff appreciation, top sales, staff of the month, unique achievements, promotions, career milestones etc.

If you don’t have a reward program for your staff yet, you may want to start such programs in your company/organization too, if you wish to recognize your staff achievements and motivate them.

A Corporate Pin

Commitment To Excellence Pin

Commitment To Excellence Pin

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Jewelry Gifts For Recognition, Awareness And Value

A corporate jewelry gift can be used to only provide some recognition or create some awareness, which means the gift can be any combination of jewelry gemstones, metals, other types of jewelry materials and/or some other type of corporate gift items, the cost of the gift may also be in any price range too.

A corporate jewelry gift can also be used to provide some specific monetary value too, that is, it may need to be a valuable item in terms of value/price in addition to using the piece for providing some recognition and/or awareness. This would generally mean that the corporate jewelry gift should contain one or more valuable gemstones and/or precious metals.


The different types of gemstones that may be used with corporate jewelry gifts include topaz, ruby, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, sapphire, spinel etc, a list of gemstones is available at Types Of Gemstones.

Jewelry Metals

Precious metals like gold, platinum and silver may be used with corporate jewelry gifts, some base metals like steel, titanium etc can be used as jewelry metals too. A list of jewelry metals is available at Types Of Jewelry Metals. Some corporate jewelry pieces may also be metal plated, that is, they may be gold plated, silver plated, rhodium plated etc.

Other Types Of Jewelry Materials

Other type of jewelry materials that may be used with corporate jewelry gifts include mother of pearl etc, more materials are listed at Other Types Of Jewelry Materials.

Corporate Gift Items With Gemstones Or Jewelry Metals

Some corporate gift items that may be used with some gemstones and/or jewelry metals include money clips, pins, clips, key rings, key chains, belt buckles, coins, medallions, emblems, badges, tags, business card holders, rulers, bookmarks, trophies, award plaques etc, you may click here for more of these.

A Corporate Gift Item With Jewelry Metal

Brushed and Polished 14k Gold / Stainless Steel Money Clip

Brushed and Polished 14k Gold / Stainless Steel Money Clip

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Buying Some Valuable Corporate Jewelry Gifts

A valuable jewelry piece (including corporate jewelries) can be made of some precious metals like gold, platinum etc only. It could also be made with some precious metals and valuable gemstones too.

The different types of gemstones that may be used with jewelries are natural, synthetic and imitation gemstones. A valuable gemstone jewelry piece will usually consist of some valuable natural gemstones like diamond, sapphire, tanzanite, demantoid garnet, ruby etc and some precious metals.

Using a precious metal or valuable gemstone with other types of corporate gift items can make them valuable too.

At least one member of staff or the business owner must be knowledgeable about jewelries and what they can do to ensure that the business will get the valuable jewelry pieces or items that is worth the price they may be paying for them.

Every natural gemstone (whether they are valuable or not) in a jewelry piece or that is used in any corporate gift item should have a grading report or certificate that will provide the details on its cut, carat, color and clarity grades. Each corporate jewelry buyer will need this information in order to know what they may be buying exactly, they should get such details/information from the store where they may be buying their jewelries or gemstones, or from the custom jeweler they may be using to design their corporate jewelry gift items.

You should ideally include such information and details too with any valuable gemstone and precious metal jewelry piece or item you may be giving out as corporate gifts too, so your recipient will know exactly what their jewelry pieces or items contain.

A business can get all the other information about their corporate jewelry gifts’ metals and other materials their jewelry pieces/items may consist of too, from the store or the custom jeweler the business may be working with.

To know more about gemstone cut, carat, color and carat and whether a jewelry piece is valuable or not, you may want to check some of the information and tips at Easily Determine If Your New Or Old Jewelry Piece Is Valuable Or Not. All the information on jewelries at the link applies to all types of jewelries whether they are for personal or corporate use.

The retail price of a jewelry piece will be different from its market/resale value (or worth), since its retail price is usually the combination of the market value for the gemstone(s) and precious metal(s) it may contain and the profit margin of the jeweler or jewelry store.

Each business may choose to either buy their valuable corporate jewelry pieces based on their retail prices or market/resale values (that is, their worth). You can learn more about jewelries and their values with the following:

  ●  The Difference Between Valuable And Expensive Jewelries And Their Worth
  ●  High-End, Expensive And Luxurious Jewelries
  ●  Jewelry As An Investment - Before You Buy That Valuable Jewelry Piece

Levels Of Recognition And Achievements

You may use one or more attributes, symbols, features or properties to indicate the level of recognition or achievement for your corporate awards and gifts. Some of such attributes etc may include using some numbers on a jewelry piece/item or the number of gemstones, gemstone types, metal colors, gemstone colors, jewelry metal types, material types etc that is used for or on a jewelry piece/item.

For an award that is ranked from 1 to 3 for example, your business may choose to call the award or represent it with

  ●  Award I, II and III
  ●  Blue, Greenand RedGemstones
  ●  Diamond, Rubyand Pearl
  ●  Gold, Silverand Glass TrophiesOr Plaques

And in any other combination or mix that each business may choose to use for its own corporate awards.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry Pieces Or Items

Some of your corporate jewelry gift recipients (including your clients and staff) may be allergic to some jewelry metals, your business should therefore use or choose only non-allergenic metals for its corporate gifts, that is if the gift items will contain some metal content and are likely to be worn by your recipients. A list of some hypoallergenic metals is available at Types Of Jewelry Metals, you can also get some more information about hypoallergenic jewelries at Hypoallergenic Jewelries And Allergies too.

Your Budget

Creating and designing a custom jewelry piece or item will generally cost you a lot more than using a preset or pre-designed jewelry piece/item and engraving it. You can however ask a store or your custom jewelry designer for some discounts on your orders and purchases.

In order to get some corporate jewelry gifts that will be within your budget, you may want to adopt or use some of the following options

  ●  Use some preset or pre-designed jewelry pieces and items that you can simply
    engrave as they are.

  ●  Use some preset or pre-designed jewelry pieces and items that a store or custom
    jeweler is offering to engrave for free, some of such types of jewelries are
    available here.

  ●  You may check for some deals and discounts on the jewelry pieces and items with
    a store. The deals and discount sections for some stores are as follows:

    Amazon Stores:
    USA UKCanadaFranceGermanyItalySpain

  ●  You may also buy your corporate jewelry gifts from a local store and may use
    some local services too for your designs in order to provide your business with
    some cost savings.

  ●  You can also use the jewelry metals, gemstones and gift items you can afford first,
    before choosing the more expensive options.

  ●  You can also start by giving your gifts to just one, two or three staff and/or clients
    and by creating only a few number of promotional items.

Essentially before you buy any corporate jewelry gift you should

  ●  Decide on who you may want to give the gift to
    That is, your client, staff or for the use of your company

  ●  Decide on what you will want to give the gift for
    Top staff sales, long service award etc

  ●  Decide on what the gift will be for
    That is, for recognition and awareness only, or for recognition, awareness and
    to provide some monetary value too

  ●  Choose the type of jewelry gifts you will want to use
    Rings, bracelets, trophies, coins etc

  ●  Choose the type of materials (that is, gemstones, metals etc) you will want to use
    for your gifts

  ●  Review several designs with different types of materials

  ●  Compare the cost of each one of these
    For preset and custom jewelry pieces or items

  ●  Decide on the number of staff, clients and items you can afford to create some
    corporate gifts for

  ●  Choose the best option that would work for you, your business and your budget

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