Hypoallergenic Jewelries And Allergies

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Hypoallergenic jewelries are jewelry pieces that do not have or contain allergic metals or materials. A list of some hypoallergenic jewelry metals is available at Hypoallergenic (Non-Allergic) Metals.

Some people’s skin and body oils may react with the metals or materials in a jewelry piece, which could make them to become allergic to such materials. If you are allergic to some jewelry materials, in order to avoid using or buying a jewelry piece that may contain them, you will need to know the composition of your jewelry piece and what it may contain before you buy, you will also need to know about the type of jewelry metals or materials that most people are typically allergic to too.

Some allergic reactions may include some stains on the body, discolorations, itches, swollenness etc.

Allergic Metals And Materials

Nickel and copper are the most common type of metals that most people are typically allergic to.

Tungsten carbide (generally referred to as tungsten in jewelry) is a combination of tungsten with carbon. And while tungsten carbide is not allergic on its own, if the tungsten and carbon combination is however mixed with cobalt, it could actually become hazardous to your health.

You will therefore need to ensure that your tungsten jewelries do not have or contain any cobalt in them. Jewelers should ideally state on their websites that their tungsten jewelries are cobalt-free. If you cannot find any information on these on a site you can simply ask for it. This will apply to everyone and not just those who may have become allergic to a tungsten jewelry, each jewelry user or buyer should only buy cobalt-free tungsten (carbide) jewelries for themselves.

Jewelry metals are usually alloyed with some other metals to make them more durable for use as jewelry, you will therefore need to determine too that your jewelry piece does not contain some metal alloys that you may be allergic to also.

Some jewelry users are also allergic to some jewelry materials like feathers, hence if you are in that category, you may want to avoid buying the jewelry pieces that may contain them.

You may also need to ensure that your jewelry clasps are hypoallergenic too.

Hypoallergenic - Platinum Jewelry

Platinum Black Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendant
Platinum Black Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendant

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White gold may be alloyed with nickel to provide it with a white metallic color, however if you are allergic to nickel you should look for some non-nickel alloyed white gold jewelry.

Red or rose gold is a mixture of copper and gold, a jewelry user who may be allergic to copper may use some other type of gold jewelry that is not alloyed with copper.

Some jewelry users may be able to wear some jewelry pieces that may be alloyed to some of the potentially allergic metals if their jewelry piece has a high amount of gold content, for example a 14K or 18K of gold jewelry may not result in an allergic reaction for some users while a 10K gold jewelry or less may be allergic for the same group of people. Hence buying some gold jewelry with a high gold metal content in that case may be the solution for preventing their own allergic reactions.


Bronze is an alloy of tin and copper, it could also be an alloy of aluminum and copper.


Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper.

Hypoallergenic - Titanium Jewelry

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Plated Jewelries

Jewelry metals can be coated or plated with some other types of metals, some of the most common type of plated jewelries include rhodium plating on white gold, and silver and gold plating on some other metals.

Jewelry users that are allergic to some jewelry metals will need to determine the underlying metal that may have been plated in their jewelry pieces before they buy in order to avoid experiencing some allergic reactions from their jewelry piece once the plating has worn off.

Vintage, Antique And Costume Jewelries

A vintage, antique or costume jewelry piece may also contain materials like feathers, copper, brass, plated jewelries etc. Hence before you buy any one of this type of jewelries, you will need to determine the type of materials they may contain too.

Hypoallergenic Metals That Appear To Be Allergic

If a jewelry metal that is typically hypoallergenic appears to be creating an allergic reaction, the metal may have been alloyed with any one of the allergic metals that were discussed earlier on. A list of hypoallergenic metals can be found at Hypoallergenic (Non-Allergic) Metals.

You should ideally be able to get all the different types of information and details that you will need to determine the type of jewelry you may want to buy from your jeweler. If you do not have any details or information on any of your jewelry piece you may ask your jeweler for them again.

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