Matching Your Jewelries With Your Outfits And The Color Wheel

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To choose the right jewelry colors that will match your dress, outfit or attire, you will need to have some idea about the color wheel. There are twelve colors on the color wheel, every other color, hue, tint and shade derived their colors from the color wheel.

Having some basic understanding about the color wheel will help you to easily coordinate and match your jewelries with virtually all types of dresses or outfits, the color wheel is a very simple tool that you will most likely return to again and again.

Once you have acquired some knowledge on how to use the color wheel, you can then use it together with some of the additional tips that are provided below on the right type of jewelry colors for men and women in a casual, business, formal and social setting. Each jewelry user can typically choose to select a matching or contrasting jewelry color to match the outfits or accessories they wear.

Using The Color Wheel

The Color Wheel - HubClue Jewelry

The color wheel is made up of some primary, secondary and intermediate colors. The primary colors are red, yellow and blue and cannot be derived by mixing other colors. The secondary colors are green, orange and violet, each of these are made by mixing two primary colors. Intermediate colors are the colors between the primary and secondary colors on the wheel.

The colors that match each other on the wheel are generally classified as complimentary, triad and analogous colors.

Complementary colors are colors that are directly opposite each other on the wheel. Yellow and violet are complementary colors, red and green, blue and orange etc are also complementary too. Triad colors are colors that are equidistant from each other, green, orange and violet are triad colors. Analogous colors are colors that are adjacent to each other on the wheel, blue-green and blue-violet are analogous colors.

Complementary colors will generally draw more attention than the other matching color schemes or combinations. Triad colors can be used to match several items and analogous colors can create a minimal contrast and restrained look and may also provide a consistent look too.

The different tints and shades for each of the color on the wheel can be used or applied in the same manner too. In addition to these, there is the monochromatic color scheme too where different shades of the same color can also be used in dressing up.

What this generally means to you as a jewelry user is that, to use a complementary color, if you have a yellow outfit for instance you can use a violet gemstone jewelry to match it. And for triad colors, you can use a green gemstone or metal jewelry too that may match any of your outfits or accessories that should typically comprise of some orange and violet colors etc.

You can therefore select a color on the wheel and then determine the other type of color that would appropriately match your selected or chosen color by using any of the matching color schemes or combinations.

In addition to using the color wheel, the following are some additional tips on how to effectively match your jewelry colors with your outfits either as a man or a woman.

For All Occasions, Settings And Outfits

White or yellow metal color jewelries (without any gemstone) will generally work for all types of casual, business, formal and social settings or occasions and outfits for both men and women.

White metal color jewelries will include titanium, silver, silver-plated jewelries and other types of white metal or white-metal-plated jewelries. Yellow metal color jewelries will include gold and gold plated jewelries, you can learn more about jewelry metal colors at Selecting Your Jewelry Metal Colors .

Jewelries That Match All Outfits

In addition to the white or yellow metals (with no gemstone) that would match all outfits, some colorless,white, yellow and blackgemstone jewelries will also work with or match all outfits for both men and women too.

Some combination of metals and gemstones that would fall into this group are

(a).  White Metals And Colorless Or White Gemstones

Some examples of these are jewelries that are made with silver, titanium, stainless steel and colorless diamonds, colorless quartzes,white pearls etc.

(b).  Yellow Metals And Yellow Gemstones

Some examples of these are jewelries that are made with gold, gold-plated metals and yellow ambers,yellow citrines,yellow topazesetc.

(c).  White Metals And Black Gemstones

Some examples of these are jewelries that are made with silver, titanium, stainless steel and black coral, onyx,black opaletc.

(d).  Yellow Metals And Black Gemstones

Some examples of these are jewelries that are made with gold, gold plated metals and black coral, onyx, black opal etc.

Jewelries that are made with some white or yellow metal and with some gemstones of the same color as an outfit will also match the outfit too. You can learn more about gemstones, jewelry metals and their colors at Gemstone Colors In Shades And Hues and Selecting Your Jewelry Metal Colors .

Women Jewelry Colors

Women can typically wear all types of jewelry colors with their dresses, attires or outfits and in all types of settings too except in a business setting where wearing some too brightly colored jewelry may not be ideal.

A Woman's Jewelry

Swarovski Bangle Bracelet, Design By Nina Sun
Swarovski Bangle Bracelet By Nina Sun

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Men Jewelry And Colors

Men Jewelries are generally understated and are usually used as accents for their outfits or attires. The type of jewelry colors that a man may wear will depend on the setting and the type of jewelry piece he may have elected or chosen to wear.

A Man's Jewelry

Mens Stainless Steel Bracelet Chain Link Wrist Band Wristband Fashion Jewellery
Men Stainless Steel Bracelet Chain Link Wrist Band

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Some of the different types of jewelries that a man may wear include bracelets, rings, neck chains,watches, cufflinks, lapel pins, studs, tie pins, tie clips and pendants.

In a casual setting a man may wear a bracelet, ring, neck chain, watch or pendant.

In a business or formal setting men may wear some rings, cufflinks,lapel pins, studs, watches,tie pins or tie clips.

A social setting can be casual, business-oriented or formal or a mix or combination of these, each man can therefore wear whatever type of jewelry that is appropriate for each occasion.

Very little to minimal colors are generally needed or used in a business or formal setting for men, hence the jewelry colors used in these settings are usually minimal too.

Men can or will usually use more colors or brighter colors in a casual setting than in a formal or business setting, this will also apply to their jewelries too.

For men, a wedding ringband can be worn in any type of setting, this is generally acceptable or allowed. Other jewelries apart from a wedding ring band should generally either imitate or contrast the color of the bigger or larger outfit, that is, the suit, shirt etc that a man may be wearing.

In a business or formal setting, the metal colors of each type of jewelry that a man may wear should ideally be the same, that is, they should either be a white, yellow etc metal colors or tones all through and not mixed, a wedding band can be an exception to this.

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Some Tips On Getting Affordable, Cheap, Bargain And Low Cost Jewelries

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You can get some affordable and/or cheap jewelries for yourself or as gifts for others in a number of ways. The following tips should easily provide you with some ideas on how to get or create some affordable jewelry styles for yourself and for your use as gifts whenever you want.

1.   Deals And Discounts

You can get some discounts, deals, coupons and bargains for some selected jewelries at the following Amazon stores, you may click on any of one of the links to go to each store’s deals page or section.

Amazon Stores:
USA UKCanadaFranceGermanyItalySpain

You can easily buy your jewelries in any of these stores locally and internationally too, buying through a local amazon store that is either near you or in your country will also save you some additional money on shipping costs. Just click over to any one of these to get some discounts on the jewelries you want.

2.   Easily Match Your Dress Or Outfit With Some Affordable Jewelries And Get Them For Use As Gifts Too

You are not limited to expensive jewelries in order to create the type of look you want and/or dress with some style or elegance.

Jewelries are most often than not made with some gemstones and metals, hence once you have some idea about the type of jewelry colors you can get, you may then look for some low cost and affordable gemstones and jewelry metals that you can use to create or get some affordable jewelry styles, that would complement your look and also match your outfits

Some jewelers would have combined some of these low cost gemstones and metals in some appealing way as jewelry pieces that you can buy, however you may also choose to mix or combine them too to create some custom jewelries for yourself and the exact type of jewelry styles and colors that you want.

You can also search for such gemstones and metals too whenever you may need some specific type of colored or colorless gemstone jewelries. They would provide you with some ideas about the different types of low cost and affordable gemstones you can get or combine with some jewelry metals.

A Low Cost Amethyst Jewelry

Natural African Amethyst & White Topaz Sterling Silver Engagement Ring
Natural African Amethyst & White Topaz Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

Find More Amethyst Jewelry >>

Each low cost gemstone and metal can serve as good alternatives to high-end and expensive gemstones like diamonds, rubies etc and the precious metals like platinum and gold in your jewelry. Hence instead of only looking for emerald gemstone jewelries for instance, while you are trying to get some green gemstone jewelry to match your dress, you can also look for some low cost green gemstone jewelries that would provide you with some more options too.

You can wear and use any low cost gemstone or metal for any occasion, event or as gifts just like your expensive jewelries too. They can also be used to provide your gift recipients with their favorite jewelry colors and for creating affordable jewelry gifts.

(a).   Gemstones

You can get each of the following affordable and low cost gemstones in these colors for your jewelries

(i).   Natural Gemstones

●  Colorless Gemstones
These will include topazand rock crystal(quartz).

●  White Gemstones
These will include moonstone, quartzand coral.

●  Blue Gemstones
These will include turquoise,amazonite, aquamarine,agate, moonstone, lapis lazuli,quartz, topazand iolite.

●  Brown Gemstones
These will include quartz (smoky), moonstone, amber, topaz,agate, carnelian, citrine and jasper.

●  Pink Gemstones
These will include quartz and coral. 

●  Red Gemstones
These will include coral

●  Gray Gemstones
These will include agate, moonstone, jasperand labradorite.

●  Orange Gemstones
These will include amber, agate, carnelian, citrine, moonstone,chalcedony and coral.

●  Black Gemstones
These will include onyx, coraland diopside.

●  Yellow Gemstones
These will include amber and citrine.

●  Green Gemstones
These will include agate.

●  Purple Gemstones
These will include amethyst,iolite, charoite, jasper, agate and chalcedony.

●  Multi-Color Gemstones
These will include agate,fluorite, hemimorphite, jasper, azurite and howlite.

Natural gemstones can be treated (or enhanced) and a treated gemstone is usually cheaper than an untreated natural gemstone.

A Low Cost Topaz Jewelry

Natural London Blue Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Solitaire Pendant
Natural London Blue Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Solitaire Pendant

Find More Topaz Jewelry >>

(ii).  Synthetic Gemstones

Synthetic gemstones are the man-made version of natural gemstones, they are usually cheaper than their natural counterparts. You can select some synthetic gemstone jewelries to wear or you can use some synthetic gemstones to create some jewelries for yourself too in various colors. A synthetic gemstone jewelry can be used as a gift too. Synthetic gemstones may be referred to as lab-created gemstones.

Some synthetic gemstone jewelries that you can get for your use include

●  Alexandrite
●  Amethyst
●  Citrine
●  Coral
●  Diamond
●  Emerald
●  Garnet
●  Moissanite
●  Opal
●  Quartz
●  Ruby
●  Sapphire
●  Spinel
●  Turquoise

(iii).  Gem-Like Stones Or Gemstone Look-Alikes

These are gem-like stones or crystals that are generally made to imitate or look like natural gemstones, they are usually cheaper than natural gemstones, you can also get them at some affordable prices too with your jewelries.

Some gemstone look-alikes include cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, rhinestoneand Pandorabeads.

(b).  Metals

The colors of jewelry metals are typically white, yellow, red, green, purple and brown and are usually available as precious or base metals. Some low cost metals and their colors that you can possibly get or use with your jewelries instead of the precious metals are as follows

●  White Metals
These will include titanium, tungsten and cobalt and jewelry metals that are plated with some white metal like silver.

●  Yellow Metals
These will include gold plated jewelries, some metals like brass etc may be plated with gold.

●  Red Metals
These will include copper.

●  Brown Metals
These will include brass.

Each jewelry user will need to check and ensure that they are not allergic to some of these metals, so that they can choose some hypoallergenic alternatives for their jewelries instead, you can learn more about hypoallergenic metals at Hypoallergenic Jewelries.

(c).  Other Types Of Jewelry Materials

Some other low cost materials that may be used as jewelries include resin, shell, glass, wood, enamel, plastic,acrylic and polymer clay. Jewelries made with these types of materials are generally cheaper than those that are made with some gemstones and/or metals.

3.   Pre-owned Jewelries

You may also get some bargain deals with some pre-owned jewelriestoo, a pre-owned jewelry piece may either be a pre-owned contemporary/modern, vintage, antique or costume jewelry, you can find out more about different types of jewelries here.

4.   Getting Some More Affordable Gemstone Jewelries

Natural gemstones are typically graded with cut, clarity, carat and color. Cut is the grade for how well a gemstone is shaped or “cut”, clarity provides an indication of how flawless the gemstone is, carat measures the weight of the gemstones and color indicates the color grade for the gemstone.

We would be using the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades for natural gemstones in our examples, other gemstone grading institutes will typically have their own grading systems and formats too.

Jewelry buyers and users can use some of the attributes of these grades to get some more affordable gemstone jewelries for themselves

(a). Carat

A carat (ct) equals 100 points hence it can be measured in points like 0.90ct, 2.99ct, 3.75ct etc, getting a jewelry piece with some gemstones with some fewer points lower in carat than the next carat size may be less expensive. That is if you are going to buy a jewelry piece of 3.00ct, you may also want to check other jewelry pieces with gemstones in the range of 2.90 to 2.99ct for instance, to see if there is a significant reduction in their prices.

Larger gemstones in terms of carat may also cost more than smaller size gemstones of the same total carat weight, this is especially true of diamonds. Hence you may want to choose some smaller size gemstones of some specific carat total weight for and with your jewelries too in order to get some more affordable jewelry pieces for yourself.

(b). Clarity

The clarity grades for gemstones are

F  - Flawless
IF – Internally flawless with some minor surface blemishes
VVS – Very very small inclusions
VS – Very small inclusions
SI – small inclusions
I – inclusions that are visible to the unaided eye

Inclusions are the possible flaws that may be found in a natural gemstone. For the same carat weight, cut and color grade, gemstones with clarity grades from F downward will generally be more expensive than the gemstones with some lower clarity grades on the scale.

Since the flaws of the gemstones within the F to SI clarity grades are not visible or apparent to the unaided eye, you may therefore want to go for some lower clarity grade gemstones within that range for your jewelries if you cannot afford those within the topmost grades.

(c). Color

The color grades for colorless and near colorless diamonds are

D, E, F – Colorless
G, H, I, J – Near Colorless
K, L, M – Faint Yellow
N, O, P, Q, R – Very Light Yellow
S-Z – Light Yellow

The (color) grades for colored diamonds and other gemstones are typically described based on how light, deep or intense the color of each gemstone is, for example colored diamonds can be described as Fancy Intense Yellow, Fancy Deep Brown-Orange etc. Other non-diamond gemstones may be described as Blue, Pink, Strongly Yellowish Green, Greenish Yellow etc.

For the same carat weight, cut and clarity, lower color grade gemstones may be more affordable than those with the topmost grades. Gemstone with a grade of R for instance can still serve the same purpose as an M color grade gemstone if all you really want is a light yellow diamond jewelry and will be cheaper too with every other thing being equal.

With diamonds, colorless diamonds are generally more favored than other colors, although some colored diamonds can be quite expensive too because of their rarity. For some other gemstones like tanzanite, gems with lighter hues of colors may not be as expensive as those with some more intense or deeper colors.

You can learn more about cut, clarity, carat and color at Easily Determine If Your New Or Old Jewelry Piece Is Valuable Or Not.

5.   Affordable Colorless Diamond Alternatives

For those who may want some affordable colorless diamond gemstone jewelries, the following low cost and/or affordable colorless natural, synthetic and imitation gemstones can be used with any type of jewelry metals, to create the look and feel of diamond jewelries, you can also get them as preset gemstones in some ready-made jewelries too.

(a).  Natural Gemstones

Rock Crystal (Quartz)

(b).  Synthetic Gemstones


(c).  Gem-Like Stones Or Crystals - Imitation Gemstones -

CZ (Cubic Zirconia)
Swarovski Crystals
Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG)
Gadolinium Gallium Garnet (GGG)
Strontium Titanate

6.  Pearls

Pearlsare natural gemstones, they can also be cultured too. Since natural pearls are very rare, most of the pearls that are available in market are usually cultured pearls. While natural pearls are made naturally, cultured pearls are made with some intervention from man, that is, human beings.

The different types of cultured pearls include Tahitian, South Sea, Akoyaand freshwaterpearls. Freshwater pearls are the least expensive out of all these, you may therefore get them as an affordable option with and for your jewelries too.

Round shaped pearls are also more expensive than other types of pearl shapes, you can therefore get some more affordable pearl jewelry by going for some pearl shapes that closely resemble round pearls but are not perfectly round.

In addition to all these, using some fewer gemstones or selecting some jewelry pieces with fewer gemstones may reduce the price of the jewelry you may wish to buy too. Composite gemstone jewelries are also affordable too, a composite gemstone can be a combination of natural, synthetic or imitation gemstones fused together.

You should ideally do some comparison with similar types of jewelry pieces before you buy in order to get the best type of affordable and low cost jewelries for yourself. You may choose to buy your jewelries with or without any gemstone.

You should always ensure that you only buy your jewelries from reputable jewelers and you should know exactly what you are buying too in order to determine if you are paying the right price for them.

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