Valuable Jewelries: The Metals And Gemstones That Make Your Jewelry Valuable

A jewelry piece can be made of

(a).  Metals Only
Duragold 14k Gold 8mm Ball Studs
(b).  Gemstones And Metals
14K White Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings
(c).  Gemstones, Metals And/Or Other Type Of Materials

Sterling Silver Mother-Of-Pearl Oval Quartz Earrings
And any other combination and mix or variation with each one of them. The combined value of each of the valuable gemstones and metals in a jewelry piece will determine the jewelry's total value. You can make use of the following information when you are buying your next jewelry.

Some Valuable Gemstones .

These are some of the valuable gemstones you can get as part of your jewelry or that you may use to create some new jewelry piece for yourself. These gemstones are valuable because of one or more reasons which would include how rare the gemstone, its variety or specific color are, and its market demand, cut, carat, color and clarity (learn more about cut, carat etc here).

Since each one of these characteristics or attributes will be different for each type of gemstone, the values of the following gemstones will most likely vary too. Some valuable natural gemstones include

●  Diamond (White/Colorless) - Colorless
●  Diamond (Colored) - Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow
●  Diamond (General) - Other Diamonds
●  Emerald
●  Ruby
●  Jade (green jadeite)
●  Tourmaline (paraiba, chrome, indicolite, rubellite, bi-color)
●  Sapphire
●  Tanzanite
●  Alexandrite
●  Lapis Lazuli
●  Peridot
●  Garnet (demantoid, spessartite, tsavorite), Blue Garnet
●  Pearl
●  Spinel (blue, red)
●  Topaz (pink, purple, orange, golden, red)
●  Beryl - Red
●  Musgravite
●  Painite
●  Grandidierite
●  Poudretteite
●  Serendibite

Some Valuable Jewelry Metals .

These will include

●  Platinum
●  Gold
●  Palladium
●  Silver
●  Ruthenium
●  Rhodium

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