Selecting Your Jewelry Metal Colors

While the metallic range of colors for jewelry metals are not as many as what you will typically get from gemstones, there are however several options that each jewelry buyer or user can use to select some preferences or get some of their favorites and the type of jewelry metal colors that may match their dresses or clothing and/or the accessories they wear.

Each type of metal color will provide each jewelry user or buyer with some idea about the options they have when they shop for jewelries. How light or deep a specific metal color is will depend on the natural color of the metal itself and the quantity of the specific type of metal in a jewelry piece, and the colors of other metallic alloys that may have been used together with it. Some jewelry metal colors are as follows:

Men's 10k White Gold Traditional Plain Wedding Band
White jewelry metals include platinum, palladium, silver, titanium, stainless steel, nickel and white gold. White gold is the mixture of gold with some other white metal like palladium, manganese or nickel. Some people may however be allergic to nickel hence such people should ideally look for some white gold jewelry pieces that are made and mixed with some other type of white metal alloys that is not nickel. Different white jewelry metals may have some varying hues of grayness too.

14K Yellow Gold COMFORT FIT Plain Wedding Band Ring for Men & Women
A common Yellow jewelry metal is gold, pure gold is yellow in color, although some sort of alloy is generally mixed and added to it to make it stronger and more durable for use with jewelries. 

6mm Solid Copper Ring
Red jewelry metals include red gold and copper. Red gold is a mixture or combination of yellow gold with copper, it may also be referred to as pink or rose gold.

Woman's Antique Brass Intricate Design Hoop Earrings
Brass is a metal made by mixing copper with zinc. It may appear yellowish or reddish when it is newly made, however its color will change over time to brown as it becomes exposed to the weather or atmospheric conditions. The brown color may also be applied artificially on the brass metals used for jewelries.

A mix of gold (yellow) with silver will yield a Green gold metal.


Purple jewelry metals include a gold alloy like purple gold. Purple gold is made by mixing gold with aluminum, purple gold is also generally used with other type of jewelry materials and not solely on its own because of its brittleness.

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