Types Of Gemstones

Natural gemstones are found naturally, a natural gemstone may also be enhanced (or treated). Synthetic gemstones are gemstones with the same material properties as their natural counterparts but are man-made, that is, they are created in the lab.

Imitated gemstones are gemstone look-alikes that are created or made with some other type of materials to imitate the look of natural gemstones. Composite gemstones can be any combination of natural, synthetic and/or imitated gemstones that are fused or bonded together.

Natural Gemstones

Agate Alexandrite Amazonite Amber
Amethyst Ametrine Ammolite Andalusite
Apatite Aquamarine Aventurine Beryl
Calcite Carnelian Chalcedony Charoite
Chrysoberyl Chrysocolla Chrysoprase Citrine
Coral Danburite Diamond Diopside
Emerald Fluorite Garnet Goshenite
Grandidierite Hematite Hemimorphite Howlite
Idocrase Iolite Jade Jasper
Kunzite Kyanite Labradorite Lapis Lazuli
Larimar Lepidolite Malachite Melanite
Moissanite Moonstone Morganite Musgravite
Obsidian Opal Painite Pearl
Peridot Pietersite Poudretteite Prehnite
Quartz Ruby Sapphire Seraphinite
Serendibite Smithsonite Sodalite Sphene
Spinel Spodumene Sunstone Tanzanite
Tiger's Eye Topaz Tourmaline Turquoise

Synthetic Gemstones

Some of the natural gemstones that you can find their synthetic versions in the market include:

Alexandrite Amethyst Beryl Citrine
Coral Diamond Emerald Garnet
Lapis Lazuli Moissanite Opal Quartz
Ruby Sapphire Spinel Turquoise

Gemstone Look-Alikes (Imitations)

Acrylic Ceramic Cubic Zirconia Glass
Plastic Rhinestone Strontium Titanate Swarovski Crystal

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