Gemstone Colors In Shades And Hues

Gemstones can be found in a lot of variety of colors, natural gemstones generally come in different shades and hues, and non-natural gems, that is, man-made gems and crystals are usually made in the colors of natural gemstones.

In addition to this, some jewelry brands or companies may also choose to create their imitated gems and crystals in some specific types of colors that may not be found with natural gemstones too, you may come across some of these while shopping for your jewelries.

Some low-cost natural gemstones that may have similar colors with high-end and expensive gemstones, can serve as alternatives for them by providing each gemstone jewelry user or buyer with some more affordable gems for their gemstone jewelry pieces. Some natural gemstone colors are as follows:

Colorless (Clear)

Sterling Silver Crystal Clear Quartz Earrings Faceted Teardrop Drop
Colorless gemstones include topaz, rock crystal (quartz), goshenite beryl, zircon, diamond, tourmaline, danburite, sapphire, petalite and garnet.


Bling Jewelry Urban Horn Sterling Silver Onyx Black Oval Hoop Earrings
Black gemstones include pearl, diamond, tourmaline, onyx, opal, coral, spinel, garnet, jade and diopside.


Sterling Silver Mother-Of-Pearl Square Blue Quartz Ring, Size 7
Blue gemstones include sapphire, diamond, zircon, spinel, tanzanite, pearl, amazonite, turquoise, aquamarine, chalcedony, agate, iolite, hemimorphite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, quartz, sodalite, topaz, tourmaline, jade, malachite and azurite.


2.40 Ct Oval Shape Brown Smoky Quartz Silver Plated Brass Stud Earrings
Brown gemstones include smoky quartz, pearl, diamond, tourmaline, sunstone, opal, tiger eye, amber, zircon, topaz, garnet, agate, carnelian, citrine, jasper, sapphire, and labradorite.


Heirloom Finds Faceted Gray Agate Gemstone Round Dangle Earrings
Gray gemstones include pearl, diamond, agate, hematite, chrysoberyl cat eye, moonstone, sapphire, jasper and labradorite.


Kate Spade New York Small Square Beryl Green Stud Earrings
Green gemstones include emerald, jade, zircon, agate, diamond, pearl, beryl, tourmaline, garnet, peridot, diopside, idocrase, sphene, alexandrite, spinel, tanzanite and topaz.


Sterling Silver Orange MoonStone and Diamond Fashion Ring
Orange gemstones include amber, zircon, agate, carnelian, citrine, opal (fire opal), jade, garnet, spinel, topaz, chalcedony, coral, pearl, diamond, heliodor and tourmaline.


10k Rose Gold Pink Opal and Diamond Ring, (0.03 cttw, G-H Color
Pink gemstones include ruby, spinel, morganite, diamond, kunzite, quartz, sapphire, coral, tourmaline, topaz, garnet, pearl and jade.


2ct Round Purple Amethyst Earrings In Sterling Silver
Purple gemstones include zircon, amethyst, iolite, jade, sapphire, spinel, sugilite, garnet, topaz, charoite, jasper, tanzanite, agate, chalcedony and tourmaline.


925 Sterling Silver Genuine Tiny Red Sea Bamboo Coral Stud
Red gemstones include zircon, garnet, diamond, beryl, ruby, coral, spinel, tourmaline and jade.


Sterling Silver White Coral Heart Filigree Ring
White gemstones include pearl, jade, opal, moonstone, quartz, coral and howlite.


YELLOW BERYL & DIAMOND 925 Sterling Silver Ribbon Ring
Yellow gemstones include amber, tourmaline, zircon, beryl, diamond, citrine, opal (fire opal), garnet, jade, sapphire, sphene and topaz.

Multicolor Gemstones

Multicolor gemstones include agate, opal, fluorite, hemimorphite, jasper, sugilite, tourmaline, garnet, ammolite, alexandrite, azurite and howlite.

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