How To Choose The Right Type Of Jewelries For Yourself

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Jewelries can be made from a combination of metals and gemstones and some other type of materials. There are different types of jewelries and these are usually classified as contemporary or modern, handmade, vintage, antique, pre-owned, costume, preset and custom jewelries.

Each jewelry user, gift buyer or collector will need to have some idea about each one of these in order to know what they are buying exactly and to also determine their jewelries’ worth or value, which would ensure that they do not pay more than they should, for the jewelries they buy. Such knowledge will also help them in determining the quality of their jewelry pieces too.

Contemporary or modern jewelries are jewelry pieces that are made now and with some present-day styles and designs. Handmade jewelries are made with hands and not machines. Vintage jewelries are jewelries that are about twenty years old or more, and antique jewelries are from 100 years in age upward. Some present-day jewelry pieces may adopt some vintage and antique styles or designs.

Pre-owned jewelries are jewelry pieces that may have had some previous owners, irrespective of when they were made or how old they are, that is, they are not new jewelry pieces. Costume jewelries are solely made for fashion or just to wear, they are usually made of some non-valuable jewelry materials, hence they may not have any real value or worth and are generally cheap.

Pre-set jewelries are jewelries that may have already been designed and/or fixed into their settings, while custom jewelries are typically made or designed based on the specific requirements of a buyer. Jewelry users or buyers may get some ready-made (preset) jewelry pieces or design some new custom jewelry for themselves.


There are different types of gemstones and these are natural, enhanced (or genuine), synthetic, imitation and composite gemstones. Natural gemstones are gemstones that were found naturally, while enhanced/genuine gemstones are natural gemstones that may have been treated in some way to remove one or more flaws. Natural gemstones are generally more valuable than enhanced/genuine gemstones.

Synthetic gemstones will typically have the same chemical properties as their natural gemstone counterparts but are made in the lab, that is, they are man-made. Imitation gemstones are gems or stones that are made with some other types of materials to look like natural gemstones. Composite gemstones are a combination of gemstones that may have been fused or bonded together, the composite gems could be some natural, enhanced, non-genuine or imitated gemstones

“Semi-precious gemstones” is a term that was previously used for referring to other natural gemstones that were not diamonds, emeralds, rubies etc. Its continued usage for describing gemstones however is generally being discouraged. Some valuable gemstones include diamond, jade, emerald, ruby and sapphire.

Jewelry Metals

The metals that are used for making jewelries include some precious metals and base metals. Precious metals include gold, platinum, palladium and silver and are valuable. Base metals include titanium, steel, brass, copper and nickel. Precious metals are resistant to corrosion and are more valuable as jewelry than base metals which may rust or corrode.

A gemstone jewelry will consist of one or more gemstones, each jewelry user or buyer may also choose to go for some non-gemstone jewelries too, that are solely made of metals only, if they want.

Determining The Value Of Different Types Of Jewelry

Since jewelries can be made with any natural, enhanced, synthetic, imitation and composite gemstones, and/or some precious or base metals and other type of materials, they may therefore be designed with the same type of color, design or style and may look similar or the same. A jewelry user or buyer may therefore not be able to determine if a jewelry piece is valuable or not, or if it is of some worth, just by looking at it.

1).  Natural Gemstone Implicit Value

Some natural or enhanced gemstones have some implicit or real value and worth and are therefore valuable, and would usually have some good resale value too either now or in the future. A natural or enhanced gemstone value is determined by its cut, carat, color and clarity. These are generally referred to as the four C’s, which are applicable to other types of valuable gemstones too apart from diamonds.

The cut of a gemstone refers to its shape and how it is ‘cut’ or shaped. Gemstones are typically measured in carats, which is an indication of their weights. Color is an indication of the color grades of a gemstone. Clarity indicates how flawless a gemstone is and ranges from the flawless to the most flawed. All of these together will typically determine how valuable a natural or enhanced/genuine gemstone is.

2).  Mere Cash Value

Other types of gemstones or gemstones’ look-alike may have some cash value based on what the buyer pays for them but may not be valuable and/or resalable. Some high-end natural and genuine gemstones like diamond and emerald for example and the precious metals, are generally more valuable than other types of jewelry components or materials.

3).  Other Types Of Jewelry Materials

Jewelries can also be made with some wood, enamel, clay, glass etc, these are usually made just to wear or to buy as a gift, and are generally not considered to be valuable.

4).  Gold Plated And Silver Plated Jewelry

Some base metals may be plated or coated with metals like gold and silver or some other precious metal, these are however neither some real gold or silver jewelry but are merely coated with such metals which may wear off over time, they are therefore usually very cheap to buy.

All Types Of Jewelries Can Be Worn Or Use For Any Occasion

Each type of jewelries, gemstones, gemstone look-alike (imitations), jewelry metals, gold plated jewelries, silver plated jewelries, other type of jewelry materials etc, can be used by anyone as jewelry and for any occasion. A lot will mostly depend on what each jewelry user or buyer want or prefer and what they can afford too.

The most important point for each jewelry buyer and user is to know the type of gemstones, metals and other types of materials that may have been used to create a jewelry piece before they buy, in order to know if they are worth the price they may be asked to pay for them.

Ideally each jeweler should provide their customers with some specific jewelry grading reports (that is, what jewelry end-users referred to as certificates) for natural and enhanced/genuine gemstones, and some other type of information too, on the composition of the jewelries they sell.

To ensure that you as a jewelry user or buyer get some real reports or certificates for the jewelries you buy, you will need to use a reputable jeweler for your purchases, especially for the valuable jewelries that are made with diamonds, rubies, gold, platinum etc, that you may wish to buy.

Some of the reasons why others may buy a jewelry piece may be because of its value, quality, durability and how easy it may be to care for, or it could be just to have some jewelries to wear or for fashion, or because the jewelry piece is hypoallergenic. Others may also buy some jewelry pieces too, to collect them either as a hobby or for profits.

Those who may want to buy some valuable jewelry pieces will need to buy jewelries made with high end gemstones like diamond, ruby, jade, Paraiba tourmaline etc, and some precious metals. 

For those that may want to buy some quality jewelries, high end natural or enhanced/genuine gemstone and precious metal jewelries will generally fall into this group too. However even within the base metal and gemstone-like jewelry group, quality may differ too.

Some quality base metals include titanium (which should generally come as commercial pure or aircraft grade), surgical stainless steel etc. Some quality gem-like stones too will include swarovski gems or crystals etc.

For collectors, unless you are collecting for fun or just as a hobby, you will solely need to buy only the high end gemstones and precious metal jewelries that would have some worth and resalable value.


Some of the materials that may be used in jewelries include nickel, feathers, copper and so on. Some people may be allergic to some of these, hence each jewelry user or buyer should endeavor to ensure that they know what makes up their jewelry pieces before they buy, in order to avoid buying any jewelry that may contain some of the materials they may be allergic to.

Misleading Gemstone Names

Some gemstone jewelries may also be described or referred to with the name of some valuable gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, ruby etc, although they may not contain such gems, each jewelry user or buyer will need to be aware of this too.

To ensure that you get the right type of jewelries and pay the right price for them without paying more than you should, you will need to apply what you may have learnt so far through this write-up on any jewelry piece you may want to buy, and you should also remember to only buy your jewelries from reputable jewelers.

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